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Discount chemists are always indispensable for people looking to find good quality medicines and other consumer products at lower or discounted prices. Most of these businesses offer not only over-the-counter medicines but also prescription drugs and personal care products as well. Unlike regular chemists, they offer pharmaceutical products and other items at much lower prices with the same good quality.

It is not enough that a discount chemist provides low-priced medicines and personal care items or consumer products. It is also essential that these discount chemists offer legitimate and safe products. Buyers should be wary and should be alert in finding a discount chemist which sell medicines and other products that are also of good quality despite the relatively low prices.

There are many discount chemists operating within the different territories and States of Australia. These chemists may offer different services and specialized products to consumers while others may offer generalized products and services. Some of these chemists may perform their main operations online or as a conventional drug store.

If you are looking discount chemists in Australia, try, a directory aimed at helping people find chemists near their local area. Searchable by name or location or by any other category, discount chemists can be easily found here. Feel free to browse all of the entries listed in this directory and compare discounted prices on medicines and other products. Who knows, with the many available choices you have in this directory, you will be able to find the discount chemist that will be able to provide you with the best deals on products and services.

Discount Chemists Articles

Call For Chemists To Come Clean On Drug Mark-ups

Hidden mark-ups charged by pharmacists for prescribed drugs have prompted a call for an investigation into the extra costs consumers pay for medicine.

Woolworths To Move On To Chemists' Turf

As part of its push into Australia's $9 billion pharmaceutical industry, Woolworths expects to be operating a full pharmaceutical service inside one of its supermarkets within a year and will immediately begin increasing its existing health and beauty sections in 100 other stores.

Oil Companies' Greed Spoilt Their Own Show

The Iraqi conflict may have been a convenient pretext to give the oil companies a bit of stick, but there is no doubt that what both the Treasurer, Paul Keating, and the Price Surveillance Authority are really after is the return of the good old days of petrol more

Chemists Cut Drug Price To Lure Addicts

Some Sydney chemists are slashing the cost of the tranquilliser Rohypnol by up to 20 per cent to attract young teenagers who abuse the drug, according to the president of the Pharmacy Board, Mr Ken Bickle. And even though the State Government's pharmacy watchdog has known more

Fewer Chemists Would Be Cheaper

People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices. - Adam Smith, 1776 Scratch a small-businessman and you find a socialist; scratch a professional more